Your Strength




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 Your Strength

There is always strength within. The key is to grab onto this strength as if it was a life preserver. Hang on to it no matter what happens in life. You and you alone, are the strength. Your strength is massive but most do not seem to recognize it. Instead, what is paid attention to are your weakness. It is not the weaknesses that should be focused upon but instead not allowed to be let in. Whenever a weakness enters into your mind, dismiss it. Do not let it enter. Stop it at the front door. It is not welcome into your home. No matter how many stressors are in your life, do not ever allow your weakness to come into your thinking. Your weakness is what stops your growth, stops your connection to your spirit, stops and blocks your movement forward. Your weakness are your negative feelings about yourself. It is a clear path that needs to be made into, what seems to be the unknown. The weeds must be cleared out of the path that you need to walk. Clarity of your path is what you need to seek. Clarity of self is what is the unknown. This is the time to seek clarity of self. There is no time to delay. Clarity of self opens up your soul and allows you to become who you were meant to be. Many are not who they were meant to be but instead seem to feel like an imposter. It is time now to find yourself. Be at peace in this search for it will lead you to the you, within.
Janice Paul, MA
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