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  • The need level in which the individual works to help others on, is the need level that they are on. By fulfilling their spiritual purpose in life, on whatever need level they are on, helps them to fulfill their own need level.
  • Blockage within their spiritual purpose in life, on any level, is due to self- confusion.
These questions need to be answered by the individual: What is your self-confusion about? Who are you? Who do you want to be? How can you achieve who you want to be? What changes will need to be made in your life to be the person you want to be?

Once the blockage is resolved and removed, the individual can start moving up into different need levels, which could result in a different spiritual purpose.

We are all meant to be on the transcendence level of needs, in which we help others to self-actualize. Most individuals are not on that need level but, desire to be on that level. So, they help others on their own, individual need level. Helping others on their own individual need level, helps them to progress to the next level of needs. What blocks an individual from completing their spiritual purpose in life is confusion of self.

In completing the readings, most of the individual’s spiritual purpose in life were on all of the levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, except for safety needs and biological and physiological needs. Most that sought this information from the reading would be functioning on a need to become more self-actualized.

For Example:

Person:   Spiritual Purpose in Life:    Self Confusion is the
Blockage within Each Purpose:

1) John
Belongingness and Love
Need level is the need level she helps others and the need level from which she or he operates.
By helping others one cannot help self to progress to another need level due to self-confusion. Confusion of self is what blocks one from progressing into the next level of need growth.

Once confusion of self is brought into consciousness and explored, the block is lifted. Progress is made and the person starts to move forward in their life.

The concept of oneness is utilized here. By helping another you help yourself.

What each person will obtain is their spiritual purpose in life reading. Following the reading the individual will be working to explore their self-confusion through completion of questions and working with Janice to help clarify their self-confusion and develop a plan of action for the self. A plan of the action for the Self in order to start to move forward in their life and with their spiritual purpose in life. And ultimately starting to move through the higher needs of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to reach the transcendence level.


Janice Paul, MA

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