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by Janice Paul

Within each person is a special sparkle-their worthiness. It is something that makes each person different and unique. It is important that each person be able to identify what it is that makes their special sparkle, come alive. What makes them shine. Their special sparkle is their worthiness. It is within their worthiness that a person can instill hope within another. Hope, hope for a situation, hope for a minute, hope for life, hope for a better day tomorrow, hope for anything. Each person’s special sparkle is that part of them that is able to help another, to have hope. Even if, it is only to experience hope for a short period of time. It is instilling within another, something that is treasured and sacred. People seem to base their worthiness upon many other factors other than what it should be based upon. What is important is to know is that your worthiness comes from your special sparkle that can instill a sense of hope within others. It is simply, that. Your worthiness comes from the ability to instill hope within others. This is what we were meant to do. Meant to instill hope within others which results in our feelings of worthiness. Those that are worthy are those in which every day there is an attempt to instill hope within another. It may be in simple ways but it leaves another with feelings of hope. Your truest value of worth comes from instilling hope within another. The worthiest person is the one that instills hope within others every day, in the smallest of ways. The worthiest person is the goal we should all seek to achieve, on a daily basis.   The world needs each person’s special sparkle to help instill hope within one another. It is a desperate attempt for help from the worthiest people to share their special sparkle with others. Help others to instill hope within each other.
Janice Paul, MA
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