Words That Can Transform Your Life by Janice Paul





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What can a person think, say or do on a daily basis that could help transform their daily lives?


The idea is simple. Simply ask each day to be guided and led through your thoughts. Ask each morning that every thought, action, word and feeling be led. Be led by an understanding as to how much we impact each other. How much we need and depend upon one another to be led into another existence of each other. Another existence that is filled with hope, self-forgiveness, self-understanding and self-compassion. Which is then transformed and shared with others as hope, forgiveness, understanding and compassion. With this leading your way each day, the possibilities are endless as to what can be achieved and overcome.

Every morning, silently recite the following to yourself:
Please allow my every feeling, thought, word and action to be led into my existence. My existence which is filled with hope, self -forgiveness, self-understanding and self-compassion. I am helping to transform my every feeling, thought, word and action into the greater good of others thought intention which then travels through the pathway of oneness. Which results in becoming hope, forgiveness, understanding and compassion for others. This is my way of helping me to feel strong, my way of helping others and my way to be a part of helping to make significant world change.
Note: Please email me at janicepaulb@gmail.com when you start to notice positive changes within yourself and within those that are around you. I would love to hear your reactions as to how this has helped your life and others lives. This can make significant positive changes in your own lives and those around you.
Janice Paul, MA
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