Woman’s Experience with Restorative Truth by Janice Paul



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Updated Progress on Carolyn Herda- Restorative Truth

“It seems like each day I am more focused about doing the things I used to do…like the luncheon and planning my little 4-day trip to visit Brandi in Delaware.  I did those little things for years, but the past year I could not get past all the side effects from the spinal stenosis and the side effects of the medications, so did not do them. Besides the despair that nothing was helping, and I thought would probably have to sell the house and move into an assisted living situation – in a wheel chair.  I kept looking for a place that would take dogs…the one closest to me… There are places, but in Winston Salem – some 25 miles away – do not know anyone there – no friends or relatives.  So, those negative thoughts were oppressive to me. Now, (1) my attitude is improved because (2) I am not falling down (3) do not have that intensive hip pain (4) do not have constant UTI’s.”
Woman’s Experience with Restorative Truth

Woman with multiple health issues including lumbar scoliosis causing lower back pain (right femur 1 centimeter longer than left), catching/popping knees and aching feet. Borderline ocular pressure for glaucoma states the following:

“These last three days I’ve been able to motivate, which has been a problem for the past year or longer. Today at 2:00 p.m. got ready to go outside to trim bushes and noticed when stretching I had no body pain! Went out in the humid 91 degrees and worked steady for 3 hours trimming bushes. Amazingly, tonight I now have very little soreness compared to usual. It’s mainly sore muscles, not the usual pain. Today I’ve felt the best so far; not the usual heaviness. Have slight tightness in neck and full feeling in head, but much better. Was nice to be able to be so physical and get some things done!”
Janice Paul, MA


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