Using Gamma Brain Waves for Energy Healing




Gamma Brain Waves are associated with increased levels of compassion, feelings of happiness, calmness, peacefulness, blessings, ecstasy and optimal brain functioning.


  • Daily: I function in the gamma brain wave frequency.
  • Daily, I can hear the electrical pulses passing between neurons that pass messages between one another. The energy healing work is done, working within this frequency. I am also guided with the increase and decrease in electrical pulses.
  • My intuitiveness and connection with the spiritual realm, comes through this frequency.
  • I have been a mental health professional for 28 years, in the past.

Benefits of this process:

  • Helps with increased energy and working to trigger your gamma brain wave frequency.
  • Assists with removing blocked energy area within the body and mind.
  • Provides channeled messages for you for each session.

And, recently I have worked with animals and have had success.

Activating Your Own Gamma Brain Waves:

  • You can work on triggering your own gamma brain waves by watching videos found on I have watched the video: Relaxing Water Sound with Gamma Waves: Meditation, Relaxation, Study, Focus and Stress Relief. You will start to feel a difference, if you watch any of these videos and focus upon compassion and love.

Janice Paul, M.A.


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