For twenty-five years, Zechariah Sitchen’s The Twelfth Planet and subsequent volumes of his Earth Chronicles have intrigued me. His description of The Bible as an abbreviated ”digest” of history is particularly intriguing, especially when one carefully reads Genesis. The discussion in Genesis of The Elohim – ”the Gods who came down,” and a vindictive Jehovah are further elucidated in Sitchen’s lengthy volumes translating and integrating Babylonian clay tablets. The Annunaki invasion of earth and the many un-god like activities of the Annunaki depicted in the Earth Chronicles make little sense with their all-too-human malevolent behaviors. Surely a benign, loving God is not at all like these warring creatures. VoyagersII, 2e may impart some clarity. This book, fascinating, provocative and often tedious, is more difficult to put in perspective than Alice Bailey’s books, which are equally tedious.

In contrast to Bailey’s channeled work, Ashayana states that VoyagersII, 2e is information imparted to her over a thirty-year period by ”direct, physical, consensual…ongoing contact with pro-human higher intelligence.”

In essence, here is a ”history” of the ”world” over the past 560 million years.

I suggest, if you are inspired to read this provocative book, that you read pages 1-105 and 447-504 first. Attempt to digest and intuit your reactions to this broad source of metaphysical history. If this intrigues you adequately, then read pages 106-438, skipping some of the most tedious material. You’ll know when utter confusion hits! Nevertheless, VoyagersII, 2e confirms my sense, from the time I first read Sitchen, that the Annunaki were anything but good. The underlying theme of VoyagerII, 2e is that evil forces have brainwashed most religions and political leaders to ensnare us in true double speak. It takes Abramsons’ None Dare Call It Conspiracy many light years back and forward. VoyagersII, 2e makes the Star Wars movies pale by comparison, while suggesting that science fiction is an intuitive ”hit” at some future (or past) reality.

Many will reject the concepts and messages of VoyagersII, 2e. However, if you can avoid being overwhelmed by the negative conspiracy themes, there is a spiritual message that feels to me correct. If you read and practice only the 4 Field Exercises on pages 493-504, this book will be worthwhile. Even the three Christ’s concept makes more sense than the conflicting tales in The New Testament.

You may well question why I am reviewing this unusual book in Youthful Aging. My work with DNA rejuvenation using the SheLi TENS, 54 to 78 GigaHz technology, has convinced me that health and longevity require DNA restoration. VoyagersII, 2e suggests alternative approaches, using mental imagery. Some day we may be able to demonstrate the science of the 12 strand DNA discussed in such detail. Meanwhile, I invite your intuitive evaluation of VoyagersII, 2e.