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University of Nemenhah

For decades, Dr. Norm Shealy (of Shealy-Sorin Wellness and the International Institute of Holistic Medicine) has served at the forefront of cutting edge medical and alternative medical approaches to sacred healing.  Then, several years ago, he brought his Transcutaneous Acupuncture (Bliss Oils and his Sacred Rings) modality of healing into the Nemenhah as a certified Sacrament and Ceremony of Emergence, inspired through Wyaykihn.  Subsequently, TA has been used in multiple Nemenhah Ceremonies to promote health and recovery through the activation of specific qi meridians (channels of life-force energy) and serves as an excellent foundation upon which an individual may begin to develop and hone his or her healing abilities through the Sahaptan Healing Way!

Now, the University of Nemenhah (hosted by Dr. Shealy) invites you to transform your life, health and practice using the revelatory discovery of Dr. Shealy’s Rings of Life (Transcutaneous Acupuncture) and Bliss Oils combined with the ancient wisdom of pre-conquest indigenous American healing customs. The use of sacred oils in Sahaptan Medicine (healing through the use of the principles of the Sahaptan Medicine Wheel, and the modalities that are effectively enfolded therein), such as Bliss and the Sacred Rings of Life, serves as an excellent example of the very spirit of Sahaptan Healing itself.

If you’ve already received training in Dr. Shealy’s TA protocols, Sahaptan Medicine will enhance your TA skills and forge the way to safe, effective personal and professional practice.  If you’ve never taken Dr. Shealy’s TA training, the upcoming intensive training in Sahaptan Medicine provides a powerful foundation and structure into which your current healing modalities and spiritual pursuits may be entered, and you’ll be introduced to a healing modality with far reaching benefits.

You will learn to observe, plan, execute,

evaluate, and emerge into stronger spiritual gifts, better health, and greater connection with the Universe around you through the Sahaptan Medicine Wheel both for personal and professional Emergence.  With a foundation in Sahaptan Medicine, exemplified by the application of TA in Healing Ceremony of the Nemenhah, you will be well prepared to continue the walk of the Pehli and bring countless healing techniques and principles into your Medicine Wheel for the rest of your life.

Contact:  417-467-2124 or to register.
Workshop dates: May 1 – May 5, 2017
Every Wednesday,  9:00 11:00 a.m. CT,
Call In Number: 1-866-582-9933
International Callers: 00+ 1+

Listen Line Number:

Every Thursday, 2:07 to 3:00 PM Central Time, Call in Radio Show, KWTO, , 800-375-0056

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