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Unexplainable Results for Larry Muncy

Based upon Medical Records and Test Results
1)      Before energy work: Ascending Aortic Aneurysm
On 6/29/16, Echocardiogram report impression states: “dilated aortic root with evidence of an ascending Aortic aneurysm measuring 4.1 cm and a CT scan of the Chest is suggested.”
2)      After energy work: No Ascending Aortic Aneurysm
5 hours of energy work from 7/15/16-8/23/16 -20 sessions, approximately 15 minutes each (6 weeks)
Radiology Report findings based upon procedure of CT Thorax w/o contrast on 8/23/16 states” The aorta appears negative for an aneurysm or periaortic fluid.” Impression: “Study degraded by motion artifact no obvious pulmonary infiltrate of aneurysm.”
Overview of the 20 channeling that accompanied the energy work from 7/15/16-8/23/16 reveal the importance of how the emotions impact the body:
  • 2 traumatic incidents in his life were identified (childhood and young adulthood)
  • 4 sessions identified negative feelings within his body
  • 1 session dated 8/23/16-date of the CT scan of his chest identified the main negative feeling (guilt) that damaged his body’s organs
One session provided a solution to him as to how to heal his body by using his mind.
  • Session #10 on 8/20/16 “The body responds to wanting clarity as to how to heal the body. The body responds to wanting clarity as to how to heal the body. A decision helps to heal the body and remove energy that is indecisive and unclear. Any confusion in the mind leads to confusion in the body. Once there is clarity, the mind and body responds. This is how the body heals.”
Three sessions identified his strengths and how he helps others through using his strengths.
Janice Paul, M.A.

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