Is Truth Necessary


Is Truth Necessary for Reconciliation?
OK, the world of separation that most of us experience daily is an illusion.

I get that, and I have written a couple books to try to get my mind to understand what it means for this to be an illusion. In reality there is no separation of consciousness, since we are all divine and at one with our Source. But here we are in a world that appears to become more violent and divisive each day. Age-old conflicts continue to surface and find expression as war, atrocities, suppression, and, well you know the rest.

So, what to do? My opinion is that the dedicated efforts of the many light workers in the world are absolutely necessary to calm the tensions in the world, and to create the vision of a new world of peace. But, I also think that it is necessary to expose the controllers in the world who, through their manipulations of governments, financial sectors, media, religions, and our general group consciousness, make it very difficult for us to recognize the divinity in each of us.

My opinion is that the truth of 9/11 as a False Flag operation needs to be revealed and reconciled. The decades-old cover-up of government interaction with ETs needs to be exposed and reconciled.

The control exerted by a dozen or so families in the world needs to be exposed and reconciled. And if it so happens that some of the Anunnaki from our past are still exerting control over humans today, then their controlling ways need to be exposed and reconciled. We need a Truth and Reconciliation Process that facilitates forgiveness.

If you know something about these “conspiracies” that I have mentioned above, through studying or experience or intuition, then please consider speaking up more about them. I’ve been speaking up about them for several years to some friends, some family members, and in public talks that I have given. You will likely be ridiculed, laughed at, hated by some, considered crazy by some, and just generally silenced by social pressure.

However, we need more people to speak up so that more people are willing to speak up. And we need the light workers to keep doing their work so that the Truth and Reconciliation Process will be as peaceful and effective as possible in this 3D illusion of separation.

Peace, Dr. Tom Hansen, Charlottesville, VA