Transvestite Fake Food




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Transvestite “Food”

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

In its usual bowing to corporate interests, the XXFDA is finally, maybe, more or less banning Trans Fats. Only 3 more years of poison, except for those companies that petition hardship!!

We have known for over 60 years that Trans fats in margarine, Crisco®, artificial “creamers”, most peanut butter, etc, ad nauseam, markedly increase risk of heart disease and death. As with the PharmacoMafia, corporate profits take precedence over common sense and health. In a recent article EVEN the NY TIMES said “Once again it’s clear that too often the primary concern of government watchdog agencies is to protect corporate profits rather than public health.”

Remember when the poisonous drug Tylenol® had cyanide in it-off the market for a weekend. As always it is YOUR responsibility to take care of yourself! Avoid Transvestite FAT!!!! The number one message is that you CANNOT trust the FDA!!!!!!!!



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