Thriving in the Rapids of Change Spiritually Speaking by Dr. Eric Best




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Spiritually Speaking

Eric N. Best, Ph.D.

Almost all of us are aware of how quickly the world seems to be changing around us.  Whether the change is in politics, interpersonal relationships, medicine and health issues, “making a living” scenarios, the challenges of aging, religious perspectives, insights into corporation manipulation and dominance, or issues of conflict changing from open warfare between nations to relatively speaking, small group terrorism;   it is easy to see the world is changing rapidly and we are being increasingly influenced (and challenged) by these changes.

So the issue is one of how do we… how do you, how do I, how do “we”  …. respond not only to particular instances of “change”, but more importantly to the ongoing process of change?  How do we change?  What promotes positive change, life supportive and uplifting change?    Unfortunately the predominant current factor in promoting positive change in most people’s lives is “personal crisis”.   Something comes about to challenge us (often with a great deal of pain) in the physical, emotional or spiritual areas of life.   There is a natural resistance to change.  We commonly hear things like “If its not broken, don’t fix it.”.   Which really means if its not immediately causing me a lot of discomfort (It ‘sort of’ works.), I don’t want to bother with it.  Yet this leaves us increasingly vulnerable to more ‘crisis’ hitting us.

The challenge is that change is increasing rapidly in our world.  It’s not slowing down.  It’s accelerating and if we don’t move from resisting change to somehow coming to grips with it and acquiring the skills actually to thrive with it; we are in deep trouble.  We need to learn how to enter consciously into a positive change process.  And the good news is that there is a way out and up!  In my experience, inevitably this means a movement of including and transcending our prior energies, beliefs and thoughts processes in an upward direction.  This means movement in the realms of the physical, the emotional, the social, the mental, the intuitive and into the spiritual.  Not leaving any one of these behind, but integrating them supportively together as we move individually and collectively up along new and healthier levels of consciousness.

One of the key factors in this process of “Thriving with change.” is learning how to learn from one another.  Not being seduced into mindless, destructive competition.   Avoiding “competition for its own sake”… which is really only about short term glorification of the small ego. .  I found it useful to contemplate this following truth:  Namely that I have never met any one man or woman who is 100% correct, 100% of the time.  Nor have I have encountered anyone who is capable of being 100% wrong, 100% of the time.  The mindless old competitive path (far short of anything spiritual in nature) is immediately to dismiss anyone whose views seem to be too “different” from mine.  If I do this I immediately lose the opportunity to learn from whatever might be “right” in their experience or thinking.  And on the other side of the coin, if I place someone on the pedestal of “Guru” and assume that everything they say or do is “correct”; I can easily get hit by whatever percentage of their thoughts are off base or “wrong”.  And in the process I also lose the chance to develop and express my own potentially evolving “correct” thoughts and insights.

How to accomplish this change?  Here is an invitation.  It takes a network-community of others, who like you and I, are willing to stand honestly in our own current “truth” and at the same time, in complete integrity “learn from each other”.  This modifies and expands our personally held area of “truth”.  To be honest, this is not a path for beginners in our world.  It takes some significant development to get to this place in life.  Yet it is exactly at this point where an even greater event can occur.  It is a spiritual event.  One where the seeming paradox between individual life and extended group life disappears.   While the individual in this network community grows stronger, more vibrantly alive and joyful; there also emerges via the life synergy among the members of the network, a larger force, a larger consciousness, a “Larger We”.   Some might call this a group Soul where there are increasing levels of love, truth, insight, healing and creative expression and discovery among us.  There is a significant jump in the amount of joy in our lives.

It is exactly this increased love, truth, and joy which counteracts negative change and thrives on life positive change.  Indeed it is this collective consciousness, individually supported, which transforms “change” from a something to fear, to something actually to celebrate.  If this entices you, inspires you, and you sense an uplifting of your own life energy within; I invite you to join us by dropping me a note and introducing yourself.

In Love,   Eric


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