Think and Be Healthy

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Although movement can be the healthiest of all habits, even that simple activity requires proper THINKING! And the single greatest requirement of everything worthwhile is thinking you are OK enough to be worth doing good to yourself. That requires simple self-esteem—not thinking you are better than anyone—just thinking “I’m OK.” If you have not murdered, raped, robbed or purposefully harmed anyone else, YOU ARE OK!

To the greatest extent, this requires deep relaxation and detachment from everything except deep breathing. Just focusing on 3 minutes of purposeful deep breathing 4 or 5 times every day could help reset your background autostat -the control center of your entire body and mind.

Ultimately it also requires you to forgive all those who have harmed or hurt you, be tolerant of those who have markedly different opinions and simply to be at peace with yourself, life and the universe. The most scientifically documented tool for this is autogenic training.

You repeat to yourself 6 to 10 times each of these phrases, coupling the words with slow deep breathing:

  • My arm and legs are heavy and warm
  • My heartbeat is calm and regular
  • My breathing is free and easy
  • My abdomen is warm
  • My forehead is cool
  • My mind is quiet and still


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