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C. Norman Shealy, M. D.

Everyone surely knows by now that I am a great devotee of body work of all kinds. Indeed, if it was possible. The latest and most exciting is Lary Michaels Therapy. Beyond providing a super deep massage, he has more variations in specific passive and active corrective exercises for optimal postural alignment, assisted by the therapist. He also uses hot stones flush, very different from massage. And he has unique cellular activation tools which assist in the body’s optimal anatomical function.

I have just had the very great privilege of several days of active therapy restoring mobility and comfort to some of the kinks in my body. His approach is far superior to anything I have seen or experienced with Physical Therapists. Rolfing, Alexander Therapy and Bowen Work pale in the background!

In conclusion, his ability to teach the body how to heal itself is definitely a superior therapy over anything in conventional medicine! If you have failed the usual approaches to optimize flexibility and comfort, I strongly recommend you find Lary! Lary Michaels (


Norm Shealy

January 10, 2015




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