The Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire is also for regulating the entire endocrine system, especially thyroid. And remember you need  minimum of 1.2 mg of iodine weekly for thyroid function Thus, came:

  • Kidney 3, bilaterally
  • Conception vessels 2, 6 and 18
  • Bladder 22, bilaterally
  • Master of the Heart (Pericardium) 6
  • Large Intestine 18, bilaterally
  • Governing Vessel 20

Kidney 3

Kidney Three (3)
Behind the ankle bones, on the inside where the ankles touch when standing

Conception Vessel 2

On the center of the pubic bone

Conception Vessel 6

Conception Vessel Six (6)
About 1/2 inch below the umbilicus (belly button)

Conception Vessel 18

About two inches down from the top of the breast bone

Bladder 22

Directly behind the belly button, on inch to either side of the spine

Master of Heart 6

On the wrists, about one inch up from the palms

Large Intestine 18

Large Intestine 18
On the sides of the neck about I inch down from the mastoid bones

Governing Vessel 20

Top center of the skull, above the ears