The Ring of Earth

Our body is grounded around a solid skeleton, for which calcitonin is essential. Calcitonin not only maintains the strength of the skeleton, it is also the strongest pain reliever the body produces—40 to 60 times as powerful as morphine!-creation, pain control and to control seduction! When used with the Ring of Crystal, it can be useful for Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and Parkinsonism. I discovered that stimulation of Earth energy with GHz raises calcitonin, the thyroid produced hormone which helps maintain bone integrity.

  • Kidney 1, bilaterally
  • Bladder 60, bilaterally
  • Bladder 54, bilaterally
  • Large Intestine 16, bilaterally
  • Stomach 9, bilaterally
  • Small Intestine 17, bilaterally
  • Governing Vessel 20

The Ring Of Earth

I have found that individuals who have a daytime temperature of less than 98.6 orally may need to take iodine and stimulate the Ring of Fire to regenerate thyroid function in order to have the ROE work. It does help reverse osteoporosis. Stimulation is also done with GHz, 3 minutes per pair of electrodes. And it is sometimes the most powerful pain reliever I have found. I have proven that a specific blend of oils, Earth BLISS, stimulates calcitonin as well as the GigaTENS. Considering the widespread prevalence of osteoporosis and of pain, this circuit has tremendous clinical potential. I have now proven that a specific blend of oils raises CALCITONIN.

Kidney 1

Kidney 1
On the soles of the feet. Run a finger below head the big bone of the long bone of the big toe into the space at the bottom of the head of the long bone of the second toe

Bladder 60

Bladder 60
Behind the outsides of the ankle bones, in that space between the ankle bones and Achilles tendons

Bladder 54

The Ring of Earth - Bladder 54
Directly behind the knees in the center

Large Intestine 16

Large Intestine 16
Run you fingers behind the collar bones ot as far as you can go, in the muscles just medial to the bones of the shoulders

Stomach 9

The Ring of Earth - Stomach 9
Run your fingers from the top of your Adam’s or Eve’s apple, into that space before you come to the muscles. DO NOT TAP OR MASSAGE THIS POINT! Pick up the skin there and twist/pinch it vigorously!

Small Intestine 17

Small Intestine 17
Move your fingers out to grab the front of that muscle just beyond the S 9 points and pinch the front edges of the muscles

Governing Vessel 20

Small Intestine 17
Top center of head above the ears