Having worked with intuition for many years, I sensed that activating the circuit I call Air would assist with hearing, tinnitus, mental creativity (intuition), Mystical Insight, Integration and non-separatism. I later sensed that it would also be useful for Autism and Down’s syndrome, when used with the Ring of Earth, which I developed later:

  • Spleen 1 A, bilaterally
  • Liver 3, bilaterally
  • Stomach 36, bilaterally
  • Governing Vessel 1, 16 and 20
  • Gall Bladder 20, bilaterally
  • Lung 1, bilaterally

Using the same GHz stimulator, the Shealy PainPro, for 3 minute stimulation of each pair of points, we discovered a significant increase in Neurotensin, a natural neuroleptic and anti-nocioceptic, in one person up to 600%.

Some years later I had a sudden intuitive hit that the Ring of Air would also raise oxytocin and I have now proven that this is true. And, even more remarkably, I have discovered an essential oil blend, Air BLISS, which works when placed on the points! It is significantly helpful in relieving depression and anxiety and early reports show improvement in autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

Spleen 1 A

At the tip of the big toe nails medially

Liver 3

Top of feet, between big toe and second toe, just up from the web of the toe

Stomach 36

Up to the top, outside of the shin bone, as high as you can go

Governing Vessel 1

At the very bottom of the spine

Lung 1

Under the bottom of the collar bones as far out as you can go

Gall Bladder 20

Both sides, half way across the bottom of the skull, from the mastoid towards the center

Governing Vessel 16

At the very top of the spine just below the skull

Governing Vessel 20

Top center of the skull, above the ears

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