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The Sacred Rings

The Sacred Rings

The five rings represent the single most effective way to ensure health and longevity! Restoring your DHEA, Calcitonin and reducing free radicals are the most proven way to enhance regeneration of telomeres, the tips of DNA responsible for health and longevity!

The Bliss Oils are a Sacrament of the Nemenhah Native American Church

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Over a 10 year period I discovered five energetic acupuncture circuits which help balance our elemental energies..  It began when I first started research on DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone.  I had an insight that natural progesterone should increase DHEA, and indeed it did, but an average of 60%.  Since most people over 40 have levels below 50% of ideals (750 to 1200 ng/dl in men and 500 to 980 in women), if you start at a level of 200, even a 100% increase does not get you to the ideal! I pondered what else would raise DHEA. Since DHEA is essentially the chemical battery of Fire energy, I knew that if I stimulated the points that connect the kidneys, the gonads, the adrenals, the thyroid and the pituitary through a window of the sky point, it could enhance Fire energy. There is no pituitary point in Chinese cosmology, so I had to intuit that one also.

The Ring of Fire is also for regulating the entire endocrine system, especially thyroid. And remember you need  minimum of 1.2 mg of iodine weekly for thyroid function

Thus, came:


To view a video demonstrating the Ring of Fire go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRYGw7EQ50E

  • Kidney 3, bilaterally
  • Conception vessels 2, 6 and 18
  • Bladder 22, bilaterally
  • Master of the Heart (Pericardium) 6, bilaterally
  • Large Intestine 18, bilaterally
  • Governing Vessel 20

Kidney 3
Behind the ankle bones, on the inside where the ankles touch when standing


Conception vessel 2
On the center of the pubic bone


Conception vessel 6
About 1/2 inch below the umbilicus (belly button)


Conception vessel 18
About two inches down from the top of the breast bone


Bladder 22
Directly behind the belly button, on inch to either side of the spine


Master of Heart 6
On the wrists, about one inch up from the palms


Large Intestine 18
On the sides of the neck about I inch down from the mastoid bones

rof.li18right.bw  rof.li18.bw

Governing Vessel 20
Top center of the skull, above the ears


I found that over a 12 week period, stimulation of these points with the Shealy PainPro, which puts out 75 decibels of human DNA frequency (54 to 78 GHz), 3 minutes per pair of points daily, led to an average increase in DHEA of 60% (range 30 to 100%).  Incidentally, this was in addition to what we got with the progesterone cream.  Later I discovered that a combination (Youth Formula) of vitamin C, MSM,  molybdenum and beta 1,3 glucan raised DHEA another 50%.  And, magnesium chloride applied transdermally raised DHEA another 60%.  The 4 techniques together raised DHEA 250% OVER BASELINE!

Then, I used this approach on obvious “Fire” diseases, with these results:

  • 70 % of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, which had failed conventional medicine, improved dramatically
  • 75% of patients with frequent migraine improved 75% in reduction of migraine
  • 70% of depressed patients came out of depression
  • 70% of patients with chronic back pain improved
  • 80% of patients with diabetic neuropathy improved markedly in pain and at least 25% had improvement in sensory loss and reduction in diabetic meds

Unfortunately, the vast majority of individuals will not take the 18 minutes daily to use the Shealy PainPro!  Eventually  I have proven that a specific mixture of essential oils, Fire BLISS, raises DHEA as well as does stimulation electrically. It takes no more than 30 seconds to apply to the 12 points! Considering the large number of people suffering for the diseases listed earlier, this Ring has the greatest clinical potential of all.



To view a video demonstrating the Ring of Air go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR3__5uiucs

Having worked with intuition for many years, I sensed that activating the circuit I call Air would assist with hearing, tinnitus, mental creativity (intuition), Mystical Insight, Integration and non-separatism.  I later sensed that it would also be useful for Autism and Down’s syndrome, when used with the Ring of Earth, which I developed later:

  • Spleen 1 A, bilaterally
  • Liver 3, bilaterally
  • Stomach 36, bilaterally
  • Governing Vessel 1, 16 and 20
  • Gall Bladder 20, bilaterally
  • Lung 1, bilaterally

Using the same GHz stimulator, the Shealy PainPro, for 3 minute stimulation of each pair of points, we discovered a significant increase in Neurotensin, a natural neuroleptic and anti-nocioceptic, in one person up to 600%.

Some years later I had a sudden intuitive hit that the Ring of Air would also raise oxytocin and I have now proven that this is true.  And, even more remarkably, I have discovered an essential oil blend, Air BLISS, which works when placed on the points! It is significantly helpful in relieving depression and anxiety and early reports show improvement in autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

Spleen 1 A
At the tip of the big toe nails medially


Liver 3
Top of feet, between big toe and second toe, just up from the web of the toe


Stomach 36
Up to the top, outside of the shin bone, as high as you can go


Governing Vessel 1
At the very bottom of the spine


Lung 1
Under the bottom of the collar bones as far out as you can go


Gall Bladder 20
Both sides, half way across the bottom of the skull, from the mastoid towards the center


Governing Vessel 16
At the very top of the spine just below the skull


Governing Vessel 20
Top center of the skull, above the ears




To view a video demonstrating the Ring of Water go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxtjUnR5O3I

We are over 75% water and water energy is essential for Emotional Balance, Edema, contacting the Christological Heart, and Weight Loss (incidentally I found it had to be stimulated daily with the Ring of Fire to assist weight loss).  Biochemically it normalizes aldosterone, when stimulated with GHz.  That is, both high and low levels of aldosterone return to normal.  This circuit is most useful clinically in treating congestive heart failure and edema.  I have now proven that Water Bliss is as good as electrical stimulation.

  • Spleen 4, bilaterally
  • Governing Vessel 7.5 and 20
  • Conception Vessel 14, bilaterally
  • Bladder 13, bilaterally
  • Heart 7, bilaterally
  • Bladder 10, bilaterally
  • Triple Heater 16, bilaterally

Spleen 4

Run your fingers back along the long bones of the big toe, until you reach a joint on the inside of the feet. Wiggle your toes and you will know you are on the joint


Conception vessel 14
In the center of your abdomen just below the breast bone


Governing vessel 7.5

Directly behind CV 14 in the center over the spine


Bladder 13
Lay your hands over the tops of your shoulders. The tips of your long bones , placed touch to the sides of the spine will now be on B 13


Heart 7
Feel the space between two tendons on the outer wrists, just beyond the palm of the long bone of the small fingers


Bladder 10
Put your middle fingers one-half inch to both sides of the center of the spine, an inch below the skull


Triple Heater 16
Turn your head to the left side and feel the back of the sternocleidomastoid muscle that becomes tight in your right neck, and massage the back of that muscle just below the mandible (lower jaw). Then turn your head to the right and do the same thing on the similar area in your left neck

row.th16r.bw  row.th16l.bw

Governing Vessel 20
Top center of the skull, above the ears




To view a video demonstrating the Ring of Earth go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPEs73CIfxk

Our body is grounded around a solid skeleton, for which calcitonin is essential.  Calcitonin not only maintains the strength of the skeleton, it is also the strongest pain reliever the body produces—40 to 60 times as powerful as morphine!-creation, pain control and to control addiction and seduction!  When used with the Ring of Crystal, it can be useful for Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and Parkinsonism. I discovered that stimulation of Earth energy with  GHz raises calcitonin, the thyroid produced hormone which helps maintain bone integrity. 

  • Kidney 1, bilaterally
  • Bladder 60, bilaterally
  • Bladder 54, bilaterally
  • Large Intestine 16, bilaterally
  • Stomach 9, bilaterally
  • Small Intestine 17, bilaterally
  • Governing Vessel 20

I have found that individuals who have a daytime temperature of less than 98.6 orally may need to take iodine and stimulate the Ring of Fire to regenerate thyroid function in order to have the ROE work.  It does help reverse osteoporosis. Stimulation is also done with GHz, 3 minutes per pair of electrodes. And it is sometimes the most powerful pain reliever I have found.  I have proven that a specific blend of oils, Earth BLISS, stimulates calcitonin as well as the GigaTENS. Considering the widespread prevalence of osteoporosis and of pain, this circuit has tremendous clinical potential. I have now proven that a specific blend of oils raises CALCITONIN.

Kidney 1
On the soles of the feet. Run a finger below head the big bone of the long bone of the big toe into the space at the bottom of the head of the long bone of the second toe


Bladder 60
Behind the outsides of the ankle bones, in that space between the ankle bones and Achilles tendons


Bladder 54
Directly behind the knees in the center


Large Intestine 16
Run you fingers behind the collar bones ot as far as you can go, in the muscles just medial to the bones of the shoulders


Stomach 9
Run your fingers from the top of your Adam’s or Eve’s apple, into that space before you come to the muscles. DO NOT TAP OR MASSAGE THIS POINT! Pick up the skin there and twist/pinch it vigorously!

Small Intestine 17
Move your fingers out to grab the front of that muscle just beyond the S 9 points and pinch the front edges of the muscles


Governing Vessel 20
Top center of head above the ears




To view a video demonstrating the Ring of Crystal go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9AD-CWGl24

Our entire body is piezoelectric, similar to that quality in quartz crystal.  Piezoelectric material , when physically stimulated produces and electric current.  Since everything in the body is also electrically controlled, the Ring of Crystal is for overall balance of the energetic system and to assist Regeneration. I found that daily stimulation of the ROC with GHz leads to 85% reduction in free radicals within 3 to 5 days, by far the best decrease in free radicals of anything I have seen or found in the literature!

  • Spleen 4, bilaterally
  • Gall Bladder 30.5
  • Conception Vessel  8.5, 14.5,  23
  • Governing Vessel 4.5, 8, 14.5, 20
  • Gall Bladder 20, bilaterally
  • Gall Bladder 7, bilaterally

Since free radicals are the metabolic problem that wrinkles, ages , rusts and ultimately wears us out, reducing free radicals is critical to health and longevity.  I HAVE NOW PROVEN THAT A SPECIFIC BLEND OF OILS LOWERS FREE RADICALS OVER 80%! There is no known oral supplement which comes close to the efficacy of Crystal Bliss in lowering free radicals!

Spleen 4,
Run your fingers back along the long bones of the big toe, until you reach a joint on the inside of the feet. Wiggle your toes and you will know you are on the joint


Gall Bladder 30.5
Standing,  put your long fingers on the bottom of your buttocks muscles and run the long fingers out half way from back to front of thighs.  You should be right on the center of the femurs, the long bones of the thighs

roc.gb305r.bw  roc.gb305l.bw

Conception Vessel 8.5
One-half inch directly above your belly button

Governing Vessel 4.5
Directly behind CV 8.5 over the center of the spine

Conception Vessel 14.5
Over the center of the bottom of the breast bone

Governing Vessel 8 – (GV8 is correct, not GV7.5 as shown in the photo)
Directly behind CV 14.5, over the center of the spine

roc.cv145.cv85.bw  roc.gv75.gv45.bw

Conception Vessel 23
Directly above the top of your Adam’s or Eve’s apple. DO NOT TAP HERE. Pinch the skin and twist vigorously


Governing Vessel 14.5


Gall Bladder 7
Bilaterally at the space on your scalp where the front of the ears joins the scalp

roc.gb7r.bw  roc.gb7l.bw

Governing Vessel 20
Top center of head above ears



Having proven that these circuits have specific biochemical benefits, with improvement in many energetic problems, I now call this approach with essential oils Transcutaneous Acupuncture. Interestingly, this term has been much more acceptable than calling it application of essential oils.  After all, I began stimulating acupuncture needles with electrical energy in the mid 60’s.  Later, without needles, I introduced Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, TENS. In fact, I consider Transcutaneous Acupuncture the most important advance in acupuncture in 4000 years.

Remember that DHEA, calcitonin and reduced free radicals are the key to health and longevity!
Oxytocin is the key to relieving anxiety and depression.

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