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The Decision
by Janice Paul
There are those that can handle their anger better than others. Most really do not know the best way to handle their anger. These feelings seem to take others down a long road into the darkness where they remain for a long period of time. The goal would be to recognize the anger or hurt feelings and decide what you want to do with these feelings. Make the decision as to how you can help to decrease these angry feelings. It is all about taking control of your feelings. If you decide to follow the long road into the darkness and remain stuck there, it is difficult to turn back. These feelings overwhelm you. It is as if a hood has been placed over your head and you cannot see. You cannot see your way out from under the hood. By taking control of these feelings, it can help you to be pulled out of them. Pulled out faster and relieved faster. When you become aware of these feelings, immediately decide what you can do to help decrease the intensity of these feelings. It is making a decision to take control of these feelings. Taking control of these feelings by asking yourself these questions:
*What decision do I need to make to take control of my feelings to help minimize or decrease my feelings of anger?
*How will I implement this decision?
*You will need to implement this decision, immediately.
Once a decision is made as to how you can take control of your feelings, the intensity of the feeling will start to decrease and you will be able to access more positive thoughts. It is as if the decision as to how to proceed needs to be made, in order for other thoughts to be allowed into your thought process. While experiencing these feelings, they seem to take over your body, it is at this point that a decision needs to be made as to what you are going to do. There must be a decision made, in order for you to help break through these feelings and allow positive thoughts to come into your thinking. It is as if it is a giant switch that turns on when you are angry which block positive thoughts from entering your thinking. As soon as you make the decision to take control of these feelings, the switch is turned off and the positive thoughts can return. Those that feel angry a lot of the time have not made the decision to take control of these feelings. Their switch is never turned on, so their positive thoughts have difficulty entering their thinking. It becomes a cycle of anger and their inability to get out of this emotional state because a decision, is never made. It becomes a cycle of helplessness. People do not know that a decision can make the difference and can help to allow positive thoughts to enter into their thought process. The decision only has to help you to take control of the feeling to help minimize or decrease it. It might not change the situation you are angry about but it gives you some control with your feelings and what is best for you to do to decrease or minimize the feeling for you.

These are the steps you need to take when you start to feel angry and you want to remain thinking positively.

You start feeling angry at your significant other, a situation, person, work, school or anything else.


Step 1: You need to stop yourself and make a decision about what to do to help minimize or decrease these angry feelings.


Step 2: Ask yourself how will you implement this decision? What will you do?


Step 3: Immediately implement your decision.

Step 4: As soon as the decision is implemented, the switch is turned off and the positive thoughts can return.

Janice Paul, MA

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