Teleconference Recording for June 7, 2016




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Teleconference Recording for June 7, 2016

Iboga and Music
with Norm Shealy, Janice Paul, Deena Spear and Patrick Rawlings 

To download the teleconference recording go to

Some bring grace, others bring wisdom, but overall all bring a craving for knowledge that is still, unknown.  It is these seekers of the unknown knowledge that will thrive and conquer.  These are the ones with the brightest lights, with the purest hearts and with a vision of what is needed to create a universe filled with unknown knowledge and making it known.  These are the ones that are led.  Led straight into the truth.  The truth of what is needed to expand what is known, today. Continue to expand your thinking, for you will lead others to where they need to be.
Janice Paul
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