Take A Breath by Janice Paul





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There is always a time to reflect and understand ourselves. This should not be placed onto the shelf and only brought out when there is an emergency. We are not first aid kits but instead are the seeds that need to be watered and cared for. Time spent reflecting and going within should be a part of our daily routine. It can easily be incorporated within a busy schedule. It is as simple as making the decision to do it. Just decide to take a break and go within.
Allow yourself and your body to take a breath.

To take a breath to recharge yourself and to escape the pressures of life. To take a breath to allow yourself to be yourself. To take a breath to appreciate the stillness of yourself and be your own creator. To take a breath to feel what you have been hiding from. To take a breath to realize that moment, the moment when you become, your true essence. To take a breath and understand that your true essence is: You. To take a breath and allow yourself to forgive yourself and as you exhale, promise to yourself to not dwell in the past, only concentrate upon the now and the moments going forward in your life. To take a breath and realize the good you have done for others and breathe in good that others have done for you. To take a breath and realize you are unique and individual but also are one and together as one. To take a breath and allow yourself to place your worries aside and focus upon a dream, a simple dream or vision that you have had tucked inside of you for years. To take a breath and send positive thoughts out into the world, any positive thoughts. To take a breath and try to remember the last time you laughed and allow yourself to laugh, again.   To take a breath, put your financial worries aside and think about what you would do if you could spend some time, PLAYING. To take a breath and make a decision to spend some time, playing. To take a breath and play. To take a breath and have fun.

Janice Paul, MA


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