Spiritual Healing

I first discovered healing in 1972 when I visited Olga Worrall at the Mount Washington United Methodist Church in Baltimore, where every Thursday morning she did laying on of hands to approximately 300 individuals. I have 15,000 letters sent to her by individuals who experienced healing.

In 1976 I was part of the exploration of psychic surgery in the Philippines, filmed with Burt Lancaster and shown on NBC October 31, 1977. (Exploring the Unknown – IMDb)

In the 90’s I worked with Ostad Hadi Pavarandeh who gave me 100 patient records of miraculous healings. Both he and Olga could change a patient’s EEG from a hundred feet away. I now have over 100 recordings of EEG’s being changed by healers from up to 1000 miles away.

I have written two books on this subject, SACRED HEALING and Soul Medicine.

I recommend conventional medicine for acute problems, but when conventional medicine fails, one of the holistic potentials is spiritual healing.
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