Sleep Deprivation is Killing You and Your Career




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Sleep Deprivation is Killing You and Your Career

I have written frequently about the essentials of adequate sleep. The article above is almost as blunt about it as I am. We know already that only 3% of Americans have the most basic health needs:
  • No smoking
  • Body Mass Index of 18 to 24
  • Minimum of 5 servings daily of fruits/veggies
  • Exercise 30 minute 5 days a week
Add 7 to 8 hours of sleep and we can see that less than 3% HAVE THE FIVE ESSENTIAL HABITS
If everyone adopted these simple essentials, DISEASE would be decreased at least 75%!!! What is it you do not understand about ESSENTIAL??
Dying is not a big deal BUT dwindling for 10 to 20 years with multiple diseases is, to me, torture! If everyone adopted these 5 habits, healthy life expectancy would rise to 100 years instead of the current 78! Unhealthy habits are slow suicide.
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