Biogenics Audio

Heal your body and mind, connect with the spirit and divine!

Since 1974, this system based on groundbreaking work of Dr. Norm Shealy, renowned neurosurgeon, creator of TENS and Dorsal Cord Stimulator among many other discoveries. Dr. Shealy, is a true pioneer in Holistic Health, Wellness, specializing in Chronic Pain, Depression and Anxiety as well as Chronic Disease management with success in well over 30,000 patients who were failed by conventional medicine.

Chronic stress is responsible for over 80% of all chronic medical and mental issues. This series is brought to you by experts in Stress Management for Holistic Body, Mind, and Spirit Wellness. Moving you from Dis-Ease back to Ease, Natural Alignment.

Most titles are combined with revolutionary Sound Technology from Samvit Sound™ to support the desired Brain Function, while providing and supporting your intention to Heal.