Exercise your mind as you would your body. Practice and build awareness, perception and a new set of tools for living your best life!

Learn Relaxation

The antidote to Stress, which is responsible for over 80% of human ailments.

Sensory Biofeedback

Know, love and cherish your physical body; know that you are more than your body.

Master your Mind, Emotions, and Feelings

You are more than your Mind, Emotions and Feelings.

Tune into your true inner Spiritual Self

Experience attunement with the higher power and your higher purpose in life.

Experience Detachment, freedom to let go of things that are holding us back from being our personal best. Over 31,000 success stories including Chronic Pain, Depression and Anxiety, Chronic Disease Reversal and Health/Wellness Optimization. Works especially where the conventional modalities including our current health care system has failed.

Experience all this at the IIOHM (International Institute of Holistic Medicine), the Clinical Home of the world renowned Shealy-Sorin Wellness, The Original Holistic Center since 1971.

Dr. C. Norman Shealy & Dr. Sergey Sorin

  • Including Shealy Biogenics system for Self-Regulation
  • Remastered with State of the Art Samvit Sound technology
  • Over 55 audio titles and counting.

Other Modalities including but not limited to:

  • Individual Counseling and Evaluations including daily sessions with Drs. Norm Shealy and Sergey Sorin.
  • Nutritional support and supplements
  • Electro-Magnetic Devices including PEMF, Saphire AdrenoScalar, Cranial Stimulator, Shealy Relax-mates, and so much more.
  • Massage and Body Work for therapeutic relaxation