Shatter Negativity with a Thought From Janice Paul





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Janice Paul

What people do not know is that their thoughts can start to shift the negative energy pathway of the world simply by shifting their thought intention to the greater good of others.

By thought shifting to the greater good of others is how the negative energy pathway of the world will start to change. The intention of each thought is what is important. By placing others needs first, changes the wiring in the mind. Once the thought intention is there, it is then connected to the pathway of oneness. As soon as the thought enters the pathway of oneness it is cleansed, which creates positive energy. Once a thought enters the pathway of oneness, all negativity is shattered. The negativity no longer has any power and disintegrates its energy. Upon arrival into the pathway of oneness, all becomes crystal clear. All is understood. There is no more misunderstanding and mistrust. Instead it is a pathway of purity and hope. The next step is the thought being, acted upon. The positive energy created, accompanies the action, which can then be for the self or others. All thoughts shift into positive energy which starts to shift the negative energy pathway of the world and creates a new vision of life.

Society teaches all to focus our thoughts on individual needs rather than the greater good of others, which only serves to propel and perpetuate the negative energy in the world. By focusing thoughts upon satisfying individual needs, more and more attention is paid to the outside self. As the interest and attention is focused more onto the outside self and outside things the more that the inner self is lost. This focus will keep an individual remaining on a lower level of life, there will be no growth, and will create an ongoing cycle of feelings of emptiness and hollowness. Over time, the inner self slowly starts to decay, senses seem to become dulled, all parts of the outside body can become dulled and there is no shine that comes from within the self to the outside.


All it takes to shift the negative energy pathway of the world is the intention to change your thought process from an individual need to the greater good of others. All remains in the individual’s hands. It is up to the individual to decide which path to follow.

Janice Paul, MA
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