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Self- Patience
by Janice Paul


Some people can be more patient with others than with themselves. It becomes a race to expect and demand the best from yourself. Achievement, excellence, perfection is what society expects and demands from all. Those that can achieve, excel and be close to perfect, are seen as the shiny stars in society. This pressure placed upon by society, helps to feed and create a “less than” type of feeling for those that do not fit into this category. Yet, people continue to race to attempt to fulfill this demand placed upon them by society and become less and less patient with themselves. This loss of self-patience starts to erode the spirit within, starts to take away the essence of the person and starts to crumble hope. It takes a minute to talk to yourself and think about if you want to continue running in society’s race or win your own race. Win your own race of self- acceptance and self-patience by deciding to sit on the side lines, breathe a sigh of relief, smile, and accept you, for you. You do not have to be anyone but yourself. Decide to be patient with yourself and see all the strengths that you possess. Each person has many strengths and of those strengths they can be shared with others, to help others with. Decide to look at your strengths and how you can share these with others. Place the sharing of your strengths with others to help them, as the true measure of the value of who you are as a person. Your compassion, your empathy, any of your strengths can be shared with another and can help another, far more than continuing to run in the race of society. Decide to get out of the race of society and accept that you are the winner-the winner of the true spirit of you.

Janice Paul, MA
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