Samvit Wellness “Better Sleep Through Brainwave Synchronization” Live Webcast




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Samvit Wellness:
“Better Sleep Through Brainwave Synchronization” Live Webcast

Flip this switch in your brain…sleep like a baby every night

June 15, 2016 at 1pm EDT

Question…How well did you sleep last night? How about the night before? Can you remember the last time you can say you had REALLY amazing sleep? You know, the kind of “sleeping like a baby” that left you feeling fully recharged, vibrant, and highly focused?

If you’re like most adults with busy lives, then you likely struggle with getting consistent quality rest.

But don’t worry because we want to introduce you to a fascinating sound technology that will change your life in the sleep department forever…and it’s so easy, inexpensive and safe to do you won’t believe it!

Our friends at Samvit Wellness are hosting a free live webcast tomorrow, June 15th at 1pm EDT, all about this advanced brainwave technology and how you can get your hands on it to try it for yourself.

[Click Here to get all the details and register]


Imagine if slipping to sleep was as easy as flipping a “sleep-on” switch in your mind. This is how using this genius sound technology feels to use.

It’s almost like “tricking” your brain into “shutting up” so you can silence the noise and easily drift off to a sleep wonderland.

On the webcast, Sergey Sorin, MD, of the  International Institute of Holistic Medicine and Samvit Wellness will be joined by Brian Dailey, MD, of Samvit Wellness. The two will be explaining how precisely tuned soundwaves can induce brainwave states that allow you to slip into a deep sleep effortlessly.

You’ll also learn how to get your hands on this technology so you can get started getting the beauty rest your body and mind is craving!

The best part is that you don’t need to use any medications. This is pure sound technology that literally reactivates your brain’s sleep state on demand.

This is the kind of thing the pharmaceutical companies don’t care for you to know about. The idea that you can just play some simple audio to induce deep sleep is not of financial interest to them.

If you want to reduce stress, feel better in your body, increase your creativity, and even shed unwanted weight through better hormone regulation, then this webcast is going to change your life!

[Click Here to Register for Samvit Wellness “Better Sleep Through Brainwave Synchronization” Live Webcast] 
See you on the webcast!
To your health and wellness
P.S. If you can’t make the live time, go ahead and register. We plan on offering a recorded replay for your convenience.
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