Peter Levine: Getting to the root of trauma

What often overlooked element of trauma treatment can powerfully equip patients for the difficult work of healing?
Hear Peter Levine, PhD’s answer this Wednesday in the last webinar in NICABM’s Rethinking Trauma series. He’ll share how his observations across cultures shaped his thinking about this missing piece in many of our treatment protocols.
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Here’s a look at the agenda for the webinar with Peter:
  • Strategies that Can Help Clients Build Resilience Against Traumatic Experiences
  • How Trauma Cascades from One Generation to the Next
  • Working Through the Unintended Consequences of Western Bias in Trauma Therapy
  • How to Help Trauma Survivors Revisit Difficult Memories Without Becoming Stuck in Them
  • What Animal Reactions (to Trauma) Can Teach Us About Helping Clients Cope with PTSD
  • How to Help Patients Work with Sensations in the Present so That They Can Process Traumatic Memories More Productively
  • How Different Types of Memory Can Contribute to the Traumatic Experience
  • Reliving and Revisiting: A Useful Strategy that Can Help Your Clients Work Through Trauma with More Stability and Presence
Peter has dedicated more than 40 years of his life to the study of trauma and its treatment, and his work will likely continue to shape this field for years to come.
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PS Breakthroughs in the treatment of trauma are happening all the time. And NICABM’s new webinar series on rethinking trauma is an excellent resource for staying current. Click here to check it out.
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