Restorative Truth Work Update by Janice Paul





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Comments Received Over the Past Week Regarding the Restorative Truth work:

Back and Hip Pain:

I initially contacted you regarding my back and hip pain. So this comes to tell you that the pain has dissipated significantly!  I do a lot of physical activity living alone on a farm so I sometimes over do.  When I feel any soreness I immediately focus positive energy on the area, visualize the pure white tornado coming through my body, and/or just lay on a cold pack.  The pain goes away!  These past few weeks are the longest I have been able to go without pain being such a large part of my life.  I continue to use your protocol, if not every day, frequently.  I feel lighter, feel like I have had heavy weights removed from my body.  I believe I had to do some heavy duty cleansing before I could move on to releasing the pain, and I think there is more work yet to do.  I have the feelings of new beginnings and am excited about that!

In appreciation for your help and guidance.

P.S.  I especially loved the burst of energy you moved my way and continue to work on creating my own burst of energy!”

Cystic Acne:

“I can’t believe how much your healing worked. Clear as can be. I am telling you, you are on to a major break -through. You are a miracle healer! My skin is flawless. I am so happy, it works, it really works.”
93 years old, gotten progressively more unstable on feet over the last 6 months to a year
“I was definitely pleased to see her walk into the kitchen without her cane and unassisted.  She has been needing help walking through the house.”

High Blood Pressure and Diabetes:

“Just wanted to thank you for what you do, feeling better, more at peace with myself, seem to be talking more to people and all is good.”
Janice Paul, MA
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