Conscientiousness is the single most important trait for health and longevity. Dr. Abernathy is the foundational chair of Conscientious Psychology at MSU (Missouri State University) and the leading research scientist in this field.

Curriculum Vitae Dr. Amber Abernathy
Dr. Amber Abernathy Studies


Ongoing Research Projects:
  • Diabetic Autoimmune study with Autoimmune X.
  • Effect of Chakra Sweep PEMF on DHEA.
  • Effect of Epitalon on DHEA.
  • Effect of Sapphire Enhanced Scalar on Telomere Rejuvenation.
  • The Effect of Consciousness on Health, Happiness and Longevity.
Original Unique Research completed at IIOHM, including:
  • Fire Bliss for DHEA restoration, migraine, diabetic neuropathy
  • Air Bliss raises oxytocin for depression and anxiety
  • Water Bliss normalizes aldosterone for edema and congestion
  • Crystal Bliss for reducing free radicals
  • RejuvaMatrix Solar Homeopathy®
  • Fire, Earth and Crystal Bliss
  • Chakra Sweep PEMF for enhancing Gamma brain activity

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