Repentance and the Healing of America Prayer Call for Sunday July 10, 2016




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Repentance and the Healing of America

Prayer Call for Sunday July 10, 2016

7 EDT& 6 CDT pm for eastern and central time zones

7 MDT & 6 PDT pm For mountain and pacific time zones

conference call number:  605-475-3200 access code: 880919#

Repentance is, simply put, a change of heart. The Spirit of Repentance is a gift from God that provides us with this capacity to not only change our minds, but to actually create within us a new heart.  With this in mind we ask the question:  Can a society move from being captive to violence, brutality, and obscenity to understanding and acknowledging life, goodness, and respect, exercising the virtues toward one another that aid in the development of a connected working family unit and greater social fabric? Yes, we can! We are called to turn from spiritual arrogance and ego filled pride to humility and the proportional sense of self that is part of our gift from our Creator. In this state of brokenness, Spirit then can direct our hearts and thoughts to create better and more enlightened social institutions.
We are at a crossroads in the United States of America.  As we look at the conditions in our country, we might feel a bit hopeless that a metamorphosis is even possible. The darkest hour is indeed before the dawn. Our nation seems to be at that moment.  Let us turn from the social ills that have plagued our culture to look to our country with eyes of the spirit, in light of the universal truths and laws that create a more equitable, fair, just and tolerant society for all.  Let us come together in the Spirit of Unity for healing to occur in America.  We can co-create together with one another and Spirit that which will give us great hope and a reason to rejoice.

In that vein, may we come together holding a vision for American to turn course and become aware of the social problems that have so polarized so many aspects of our lives.  We propose to facilitate a nation-wide prayer conference call for Sunday July 10, 2016 to ask for the Spirit of Repentance to be infused into our nation’s conscience and consciousness that we may turn about and be about the work of transforming our culture.  Two calls will be held.

One for Eastern and Central time zones at 7/6 PM and the other at 7/6 PM for Mountain and Pacific time zones.  The number to call is 605-475-3200 access code 880919#.

During this prayer time as we appeal to the Spirit of Repentance, we trust that the power of God’s healing love will bathe our hearts, enliven our souls and wipe the veils from our minds of denying what has been destroying our social fabric for many years.  We do not have to see the country’s situation the same as one another.  Uniformity of understanding pales in contrast to holding an intention for both human-spirit cooperation to build the spiritual foundation necessary for healing and transformation to occur.  When we unite in unity of purpose, the action of Spirit is multiplied many times over as human cooperate with the Will of God.
Please join us as we come together as one to seek this change of heart.  Lives all across this country and world have been changed through the power of God and the life-giving Spirit. Multitudes have awakened out of sleep and into the reality of who we are.  May we participate and experience together a life-affirming call for transformation of our great nation, and may we see the rebirth of our country’s ideals moving anew in the minds and hearts of all citizens.
Please share this notice with friends and family and circulate widely on your social media.  Thank you.
Co-sponsored by:
Donna D’Ingillo, Founder
Center for Christ Consciousness
Michael Tibbetts, Founder
The Family Center for the Sacred Heart
Yvonne Williams, Founder
Network for Cultural Change
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Fair Grove, MO 65648