Partner Loneliness Redefined by Janice Paul





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Partner Loneliness Redefined

There is no question that there would be a deep, sense of loneliness within one that searches alone but, it does not have to be as limiting as it is believed to be. It can be freeing, because what actually takes the place of loneliness, is an inner connection within self. If there is an inner connection, there is a sense of community and oneness within self. Much more time can be spent going within, to seek all answers. Including loneliness. Loneliness is never truly loneliness but instead is the truest form of a connection within. It is confirming that you have reached your place of inner connection and are no longer depending upon outside self- factors for validation or verification. The outside self- validation or verification is never of the truth. It is recognizing that the inside self and inside voice allows you to feel complete and whole. Outside self -factors, do not do that. The truest connection within self by, listening to your inner voice will allow you to feel complete and whole. There is no need to seek your outside self for this connection. Your partner ideally should also be working towards their own inner connection and listening to their own inner voice. If this does not happen for your partner, there will be a disconnection within themselves but can be diminished with the help of the connected partner.  They will struggle more in their lives than the partner that is connected within. This is the sadness of life because those that are not connected within side of themselves struggle much more, than those that are connected. Struggling more with attempting to keep up with satisfying the outside self. This causes more draining of self. Those that are draining themselves will allow the misinterpretation of outside factors in life to define and run their lives. This becomes the untruth of the world. The more a person focuses upon the outside self and its preoccupation, the most disconnected they become from themselves. As this disconnection progresses the body starts to deteriorate and break down. The connection within self becomes the truest form of self and is the guidance that should be followed. This may cause some conflict and imbalance between the connected partner and the outer connected partner but can instead, it can be used as a chance for growth. The partner that is inner connected can decide to work towards helping their partner deal with their outside self- stressors, as much as possible. If the connected partner views this as an opportunity to access the greater good of others thought intention process for their partner, progress can be made. The connected partner is able to access this thought process to help the outer connected partner to better cope with their life stressors. It becomes the strength of the inner connected partner that helps the outer connected partner to move forward in their lives. Overall it will help their partner to minimize the impact from life stressors. It will also impact the progression of the body’s deterioration by, slowing it down. It becomes the connected partner’s way to help their outer-connected partner. People that are struggling with this issue discussed above, can complete a Loneliness Questionnaire and Agreement for Us found on my website at:
Janice Paul, MA
Professional Intuitive
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