Pam Smith’s Experience with Restorative Truth by Janice Paul




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Pam Smith’s Experience with Restorative Truth

“I’ve come to Janice for help in dealing with ovarian cancer that can no longer be treated with chemotherapy.  I’ve been off chemo since the beginning of June.  By mid-July, I was beginning to have the odd twinge or soreness that alerted me that the cancer was gaining strength and since then have benefited greatly from Janice’s support.

Recently I’ve learned that I also have level four renal failure due to the chemo.  Along with this diagnosis came a level of pressure and discomfort across my back that made sleep difficult and that joined the overall feeling of disruption in the abdominal area along with some swelling and a severe feeling of fullness to the point of discomfort in the stomach area.

This past weekend, I had specifically asked Janice for some help and went about my daily business.  I was in the midst of our family’s typical Saturday lunch when my daughter and her husband and their two dogs joined my son and me.  Previously, I had a hard time eating much and my daughter had been stressing to me how I needed nourishment.  While we were sitting at the table, I felt a wonderful feeling of calmness flow over me and so began eating.  I watched that feeling flow in and around my body.  There was a soft warmth to it and suddenly, after several moments, I realized I was completely pain and discomfort free!  It was so gentle and subtle, basically like a blanket that was extremely uncomfortable, being lightly lifted away.
When I got to my computer and read Janice’s message, I realized that she had sent her healing energy at the same time my family was together over a Saturday lunch.

The pain free existence lasted throughout Saturday but on Sunday morning, I again woke with my stomach in discomfort and feelings of fullness.  I had a difficult day on Sunday trying to eat a bit and a night with a lot of tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable position.  Monday morning, I was very tired and decided to check in with Janice again to see if she could offer any additional help.  After a bite of breakfast I returned to bed and immediately relaxed deeply and even slept for 30 to 45 minutes.  When I awoke, I felt rested, refreshed and extremely grateful that my stomach was so improved.  When I checked my email, I could see that Janice had sent a healing as I was resting in bed.  As of Monday evening, my stomach is so much better…with only an occasional twinge and I expect to have a light supper and a good night’s sleep.

These healing events have been very gentle, soft, and subtle.  Her words and messages that accompany the healing have always been beautifully uplifting, reassuring and filled with hope and love.  I have complete faith and confidence in Janice and her beautiful gift and hope that others with her special talent can benefit from her guidance and suggestion and be available to those in pain or being challenged by extreme medical diagnoses and treatment.

My sincere best wishes to one and all.”
Janice Paul, MA

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