For a comprehensive holistic consultation and treatment for chronic problems such as anxiety, depression, pain, hypertension, cancer, diabetes consultation, contact Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute: holistic.clinic.sw@gmail.com

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Norm Shealy Wellness Products are based on natural, safe and effective modalities, including devices, supplements, vitamins, and holistic, mind, body, spirit modalities.

Shealy-Sorin Protocols (TM): based on over 49 years of ongoing innovation and updates related to Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression and most Chronic Illness as well as optimizing Health, Wellness and Healthy Youthful Longevity for life beyond 100 years old. Available to you during a personalized in person or skype/telephone consultation. Everything we do is Safe, Effective and when it comes to Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Illness often much better than the conventional medical model.
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Biogenics – a word meaning origin of life – is a system of mental exercises designed to help you learn to regulate your own body functioning at will.

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