One Car Accident Changed Her Life Forever



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 Gari Carter Pain Webinar with Dr. Sergey Sorin
December 6th at 6pm CST

In 1982, Gari Carter was a model and owner of a successful clothing and gift shop. Traveling with her son to a gift show in Baltimore, she was caught in a heavy snowstorm on a country road in Virginia. A car swerved as it came toward them around a curve, hitting Gari head-on.

When Gari Carter regained consciousness, she discovered to her horror that her face was gone! Through ten years of multiple surgeries, doctors created a true “bionic woman”, gradually rebuilding Gari’s jaws, cheekbones, nose and skin, restoring her natural beauty.

Gari describes her initial recovery process as extremely painful. However, in a positive turn of fate, Gari was introduced to Hemi-Sync® sound technology and found she could control, even eliminate, excruciating pain induced by her many surgical procedures.

We want to invite you to join Gari Carter live with Dr. Sergey Sorin (Samvit Wellness) on Dec. 6th at 6pm CST. Gari will be sharing her incredible story of healing with you.

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On the webcast, you will also learn how you can use sound technology yourself to manage pain. If you ever suffer from pain or have a loved one who does, then this webinar can change your life!

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P.S. If you can’t make the live time, go ahead and register! We will offer a recorded replay after the live broadcast.
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