NICABM: Mindfulness and Relationships with Tara Brach, PhD




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Mindfulness and Relationships

Tara Brach, PhD

How mindfulness can open minds (and hearts) . . .
There’s one thing about mindfulness that just about everyone can relate to . . .
. . . it has the remarkable power to help us build stronger, deeper connections and healthier relationships.
Registration has just opened for a one-of-a-kind program with world-renowned mindfulness teacher Tara Brach, PhD.
But, this is so much more than just a program. Tara has joined my friends at NICABM to create a life-changing experience where she’ll guide you along the path toward building greater intimacy, transforming your relationships, and becoming your best, most authentic self.
And the best part? You’ll experience all of it from the comfort of your own home.
I don’t think you’ll want to miss this – be sure to check it out right here.
PS This program is designed to bring you a unique, in-depth approach for strengthening your relationships – here’s the link where you can find out more.

PPS But registration won’t be open for long, so be sure to check it out now.

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