NICABM, Building a Stronger Brain


NICABM: Building a Stronger BrainYOUR CHANGING BRAIN

Brain science is changing all the time (just like your brain)

New discoveries and innovative ideas make the field robust, but can often make it difficult to keep up on the latest ways you can change your brain to transform your life.

That’s why my friends at NICABM have put together a webinar series on the New Brain Science – click here to check it out.

It’s a 6-webinar series featuring some of the leading experts in neuroscience, and it’s free to watch each webinar when it’s broadcast, you just have to sign up.

Here’s a look at their stellar line-up:

  • Daniel Siegel, MD – Why Integration is Crucial for a Healthy Brain  
  • Norman Doidge, MD – Unlock the Potential of Neuroplasticity to Promote Healing, Resilience, and Happiness
  • Pat Ogden, PhD – How Neurobiology Changed the Way We View the Treatment of Trauma
  • Rick Hanson, PhD – How to Use Positive Experiences to Transform the Brain
  • Stephen Porges, PhD – Body, Brain, Behavior: How Polyvagal Theory Expands Our Healing Paradigm
  • Kelly McGonigal, PhD – The Neurobiology of Willpower (It’s Not What You Expect)

Knowing the latest breakthroughs in brain science could be the key to living a bigger, more fulfilling life.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out now.


PS Plus, they’ve got some special bonuses just for people who sign up by midnight on Wednesday, April 8th.  Just click here to take a look.






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