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Love, friendship, and the pursuit of happiness . . . The extraordinary power of mindfulness

It’s often challenging to remain open and trusting when relationships get tough.

Sometimes it can be much easier to walk away in hurt and judgment. And that’s because our own insecurity can become toxic, lead to defensiveness, and cause us to shut down.

But research is showing there’s one practice that is particularly effective to help us get beyond this – to bring more intimacy into romantic relationships, and more closeness into friendships and families.

That’s why I’m so excited to let you know about a special program from my friends at NICABM, featuring beloved and world-renowned mindfulness teacher Tara Brach, PhD.

They’ve joined together to bring you this unique opportunity to deeply explore the power of mindfulness to transform relationships and strengthen connections.

Just click here to take a look now.

Throughout this innovative program, Tara will share with you the wisdom that so many have benefited from. She will be your guide on a journey toward easing away from self-criticism, transforming negativity, and opening your heart to more compassion and love.

And this is so much more than just a program. It’s a life-changing experience, focused on giving you the mindfulness skills that can radically change your relationships (and even your life).

Here’s the link again where you can find out more.

I really hope you’ll check it out – it could be the key to transforming your relationships.


PS Tara’s generous spirit and giving nature is just part of what makes her one of this generation’s most beloved mindfulness teachers. Click here to find out more.


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