Is True Happiness Possible?





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I have an important question to ask you. Are you happy? Deeply and authentically happy… every day?
Or does your sense of happiness come and go depending upon the circumstances in your life?
How often do you feel yourself “put on a happy face,” to mask your true emotions?
So many people are secretly unhappy. Smiling on the outside and filled with worry and angst on the inside preventing them from experiencing a sense of deep satisfaction and the joy and that CAN be the foundation of their life, every day.
There comes a time for everyone when they need to decide if they want something different in their lives.
You see, most people allow circumstances to dictate their happiness. But no matter who you are, eventually have to make a new choice if you want things to change.
If this resonates with you I have great news: my friend Laya understands. She knows how it feels to live unfulfilled – to seek the key to feeling inspired – to want more. And, she also knows how to turn it all around, and live a life of utter joy! Because she’s been there.
That’s why she’s created Catch The Happiness Bus: Your ticket to an unshakable inner peace that attracts the life of your dreams, a Free virtual interview series. Laya is bringing together 25 experts (including me!) to share our best tips on how to live your most fulfilled life.
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When you click the link above and join us, you’ll hear real stories moving from struggle to joyful freedom, and you’ll learn how to do the same!
You’ll learn practical strategies for creating powerful paradigm shifts that will help you not only tap into joy – but will help you stay there.
In fact, as you listen to each one of these interviews, you’ll expand the possibilities of your life and you’ll multiply your happiness quotient!
How do I know?
Because Laya has been a leader in the field for the past 30 years and has made it her mission to guide others to connect with their life-force and align with their truer self – leading to a satisfaction and happiness that is not dependent upon the changing circumstances of our lives!
Join us, and discover how to:
  • Find your current happiness set point, so you can re-calibrate to feel better – instantly.
  • Use simple, effective practices you can put into place now to boost your mood, at any time.
  • Connect, and stay connected, to a constantly available source of happiness and satisfaction that is not dependent upon the circumstances in your life.
  • Utilize that unshakable satisfaction and joy (available to everyone) to attract the life of your dreams.
  • And more!
Plus, you’ll receive generous gifts and resources designed to assist you on this incredible journey of happiness!
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Happiness IS a state of being. Let’s make it yours!
See you there.
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P.P.S.I want you to know, these interviews are full of tips, tools, and strategies you can use right away to make lasting positive change. Don’t miss this – it’s FREE!

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