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International Holistic Health Coaching

September 12-18

Springfield, Missouri

For 42 years I have been convinced that at least 75% of illnesses could be prevented if individuals took responsibility for their own health. Now the International Institute of Holistic Medicine is offering Certification training to become a truly Holistic Health Coach.
This will include:
  • Stress Management with Biogenics Self-Health, taught by Dr. Norm Shealy & Dr. Sergey Sorin
  • Reflexology/kinesiology
  • Spiritual Life Purpose
  • Music and Sound, including vibratory sound, taught by Dr. Sergey Sorin and Dr. Norman Shealy
  • Photostimulation with the Shealy RelaxMate
  • Past Life Therapy, for release of karma-Part I
  • Holistic Sexual health
  • Transcutaneous Acupuncture
  • PEMF
  • Seutermann Homeopathy
  • Transcutaneous Acupuncture
  • Past Life Therapy Part II-25 cases at home
  • Sacred Contracts, taught by Caroline Myss -(not taught this week)

Certified HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH: Certified to teach/coach all stress management tools.

Certified ADVANCED HOLISTICD HEALTH COACH: Will also become certified to do past life therapy. Requires some experience in medicine or as an allied health professional – R.N., LPN, Licensed Counselor or be an International Science of Mind Minister or Nemenhah Minister.

Tuition $1550, includes 7 lunches

To become certified, individuals will need to complete training in Archetypes, and Advanced Certification will also require Part II home practice of Past Life Therapy with 25 clients.

To register: Phone Bobbette, 855-329-2124

Advance Certificate Completion, review of 25 case studies — $500

Recertification will be required every 2 years. This will require a report on all client activities during the intervening years.
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