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         A message from Dr. Sergey Sorin …

One of our favorite tools to recommend is adding sound technology, specifically binaural beats and Hemi-Sync®. As Dr. Brian Dailey says: “It’s easy to use, inexpensive. Why not?”
Hemi-Sync was created by Robert Monroe of The Monroe Institute (TMI). We believe adding binaural beats is an excellent modality and we have witnessed time and time again where it has made a significant impact for people dealing with stress, sleep challenges, chemotherapy and pain. We like it so much, it’s a key feature in most of our workshops and trainings.
We are especially excited that we are now teaching a course at TMI: Energy Medicine, which ombines Hemi-Sync and the new technology Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM) with energy healing techniques.

We now have a YouTube channel that includes lots of short videos

explaining the benefits of adding Hemi-Sync.
If attending The Monroe Institute has always been on your bucket list, join Samvit Wellness in July. 
As we stated previously, we are honored to have the opportunity to teach our course at the place where Hemi-Sync started!

NEW COURSE! Energy Medicine

Master the Ability to Heal Yourself and Others Using Expanded-Field Reiki, Hemi-Sync®, Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM)® and Biofield Imaging!
The Monroe Institute, Faber, VA
If you are interested in learning how to teach a variation of this course, contact Allyn at:
Facilitators: Brian Dailey MD, FACEP, FACFE and Allyn Evans, Samvit Wellness President and former Monroe Institute Residential Trainer.
Every Wednesday,  9:00 11:00 a.m. CT,
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Every Thursday, 2:07 to 3:00 PM Central Time, Call in Radio Show, KWTO, , 800-375-0056

Drs. Shealy and Sorin, International Holistic Summit 2017

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