Humbleness and Kindness Can Change Your Life





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Humbleness and Kindness Can Change Your Life


Humbleness and kindness are two qualities that make us more genuine and vulnerable. They provide hope, and a reason to continue on, giving us a purpose in life. They help us to find an inner acceptance of ourselves, and an acceptance of others, help to slow us down, allow us to self- reflect, and to appreciate the world and those who are in it. They help us respect one another, to encourage growth in others, see the bigger picture in the world, see the beauty in the moment of things, and to see the beauty in a snowflake, flower, teardrop, child, or an animal.

Humbleness and kindness help us to forgive a slight, to be the best we can (even when we all struggle with that), help us minimize angry words, and help us focus on the beauty of a positive word. They help us be cheerleaders for each other, to cope with an enemy, and to live the life we were meant to live.

Humbleness and kindness help us realize how important a gentle touch is for encouragement, to truly see goodness in others (even though we may fight it), help us to live, to want to continue living and help us to want to see the truth in ourselves, even if it is hard to hear and see. They help to create a vision of a world we want to live in and a world that others want to live in, and they provide us with a moment of knowing, a magical moment of knowing exactly who we are and what we need to do in this life in order to make a difference.

Janice Paul, MA
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