How to Listen to Your Inner Voice





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How to Listen to Your Inner Voice


1)      The first step is to allow themselves to think that their thoughts have value.

2)      The second step is that are their thoughts are unique, individual and there is no need to discount them. They just are and that is perfect.

3)      The third step is a cross section of many different thoughts coming from inside and outside of themselves. The outside thoughts need to cease. Write down/type or record whatever inside thoughts come in. Write/type or record and write/type or record. Allow them to flow. Write/type or record for as long as you can whenever you have the time. Do not allow outside interference to come in. Do not question what you write. Practice this over and over, again.
One by one your inner voice can be revealed which in turn allows you to feel free and more in tune with who you were meant to be. This process is necessary for each person to grow and to no longer feel lost and frozen inside. Your growth continues the more you connect with your inner voice. This connection can impact many people at a time. When one person connects to their inner voice then a positive shift is made in the world. One positive shift leads to another positive shift and it continues to grow and shift. This inner connection is a gateway opening to the world connectedness of One. It is the highest form of the One. It is through this process of being connected inside of oneself that we become connected to each other and are One. The total connect is the basis of all belief in goodness and light. A Oneness that creates positive in the world. This Oneness is what transcends time, space, dimension, and all we that we currently know. Oneness is a combination of all inner voices of all people which magnifies, intensifies and reveal truths which have not been known. The more people that allow their inner voice to be revealed the more unknown truth, in the oneness will be revealed.
Janice Paul, MA
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