How to Help Our Environment by Janice Paul





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How to Help our Environment

The raindrops do not stop falling. Do not stop grabbing people’s attention. The attention is meant to allow others eyes to be opened up. Opened up to the truth. The truth of any situation. Raindrops become the guiders of the knowledge. Guiders of the knowledge of what is important and significant. Like the barometers of life. They can detect when there is turbulence and misdirection within the atmosphere. When there is turbulence and misdirection there is movement towards chaos and confusion. Tension and turbulence will erupt. People need to learn how to harness their energy within the universe to impact the environment. Impact it in such a way to help reduce the turbulence and misdirection. This can be done in these ways: allow thoughts for the greater good of others to also be directed to the environment and environmental factors. Daily to focus upon the greater good of others and also include the environment and environmental factors for this has been forgotten by many. There are good intentions made but the focus also needs to be upon the environment and helping the environment and the multiple factors associated with the environment.
Janice Paul, MA
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