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A Poem

From my favorite Poet Laureate Georgianne Ginder “ Menasine”™  the downward spiral or curve of what we believed was ethical medicine. Corruption seems virally and virtually contagious!

Common Sense – Supplements

In today’s toxic world, remember that there is NO possible ORGANIC food, as 65% of all rain has Roundup® POISON in it!!!!! Most Americans also are fed FLUORIDE by insane politicians. Fluoride damages IQ, fertility, the pineal, etc! Get at least a fluoride removing filter for all drinking and cooking water! All adults should take […]

Donna Drake Show

Dr. C Norman Shealy on the Donna Drake Show Watch it Here

2020 Lectures and Workshops

2020 Lectures and Workshops March 20-21 Graduate Institute Bethany, CT Contact ENERGY HEALING Understanding the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual roots of health Recognizing that everything is Energy—physical, nutritional, emotional, spiritual, chemical, electrical Physical, chemical, emotional, mental, spiritual, electromagnetic, nuclear stressors Symptom Index, Total Life Stress Test, Zung Self-Regulation: Autogenic training, Biogenics Nutrition Transcutaneous Acupuncture […]

How to Restore the Soul of the Country/World?

How to Restore the Soul of the Country/World? Janice Paul, M.A. How to Restore The Soul of the Country/World? 2/16/20 2:02pm-2:37pm EST USA “Open the umbrella and run straight into the storm. The storm will continue to rage on until it is directly confronted. Confronted by those that believe. That believe in the power of […]