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The Most Important Message of My Career RE:COVID

Beyond social distancing, washing your hands and being asked to be patient, what you are not seeing on national TV news programs or the national newspapers is what in my knowledge is the most important piece to the puzzle to protect yourself and your loved ones. From the time I co-founded the (AHMA) American Holistic […]

Common Sense – Carbs to Avoid

Most people do better when they avoid the following carbs: Wheat—loaded with glyphosate-POISON White Rice Regular potatoes Sugar Fructose Corn syrup Corn—most is not genetically modified and has much glyphosate Splenda is NOT splendid Equal is Unequal and worsens diabetes, obesity, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and hypertension! You may consider small servings of gluten-free bread, purple […]

Energy Medicine

A Video Interview with Dr Norm Shealy about Energy Medicine

Big Pharma

From a favorite Holistic Physician:; Duty to Warn Big Pharma is the Most Distrusted Industry in America And Big Medicine is Third, Just Behind the Federal Government (Two Parts) October 29, 2019 (2365 words) 1)       Big Pharma Sinks to the Bottom of U.S. Industry Rankings (Because it is the Most Hated, Distrusted and Corrupt Industry in […]

Dealing with the Corona Virus

A VIDEO INTERVIEW of Dr. Norm Shealy by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove