Hellerwork Structural Integration




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C. NORMAN Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

As most know by now, I am a devotee of body work. All massage and movement approaches are good; some are terrific, and the variety is unlimited. In addition to Shiatsu, Alexander, BowenWork, Rolfing, Massage of many varieties and SchnelleWork, I had the great fortune to have a session with Joseph Heller in the late 70’s, just as he was beginning his evolution beyond Rolfing.

Recently I have had the pleasure of receiving a 7 Day intensive experience of advanced Hellerwork Structural Integration with Roger Weinerth, (www.bodymindpower.com). This is the most in-depth body experience I have had; it included over 20 hours of body work and an equal amount of conscious movement. Interestingly back in the 70’s I intuited that 80 hours of immersion therapy was far more powerful than two years of weekly visits for my patients with chronic pain. Seven days of immersion in Hellerwork Structural Integration is far superior to an hour a week for years!

Among many other benefits I gained, my posture is significantly improved. As many know I had a major spinal cord injury in 1995 with 75% paralysis of my lower body, with significant improvement in my ability to walk after masterful surgery by Dr. John Collis. Nevertheless, the residual weakness and spasticity in my legs resulted in my tightening up the entire buttocks and pelvis muscles in order to balance myself when I stand. By the second day with Roger, I had learned to relax those muscles, stand straighter and more comfortably. Now I practice daily to release those muscles, further retraining them, after all these years, 19 years of misuse! Interestingly, hundreds of hours of body work and initial training by Physical Therapists did not address the core issue. Yet, after one week of body work and “conscious movement” with Roger, this core issue was addressed.

If you have significant muscle and/or postural problems, I strongly recommend Roger’s 7-Day intensive, immersion program!