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Most of you know that I have worked for the past 8 years to rejuvenate DNA telomeres. Ordinarily, with good health habits, they shrink 1% each year of life. Using human electrically produced DNA frequency, 70% of 34 volunteers achieved each year 3 to 4% regrowth of telomeres. But the RejuvaMatrix equipment is expensive and cannot travel with you.

Last April I switched to daily use of all 5 Bliss oils and my telomeres grew 4.4% in a year. Indeed my telomeres are now those of an average 45 year old. Now I have the results on two more individuals who switched to using only Fire, Earth and Crystal Bliss. Telomeres grew 3.5% in one of them and 2.6% in the other. In a fourth person, whose telomeres had not grown with the RejuvaMatrix, his did not grow with the oils.

There are several companies touting telomerase enhancers. Sine c all cancers are associated with increased telomerase, I have not been interested in such an approach. For instance, salmon derived calcitonin has been on the market for 30 years and is excellent for osteoporosis and foe pain, BUT after prolonged use of salmon derived calcitonin, there is a significant increase in cancer! I prefer not to take the chance that increasing telomerase will eventually be found to increase risk!

In general, I prefer to have the body do its own rejuvenation. By this time next year, I will have a dozen additional results on the use of the 5 Bliss oils daily for self-induced telomere rejuvenation. Our early results suggest that at least 70% of individuals will achieve telomere rejuvenation with use of the5 Bliss oils.


For those who wish to use all 5 Bliss oils for potential regeneration of telomeres, you may order all 5 bottles on an auto ship basis for a minimum of one year for a monthly recurrent charge of $110.00, including shipping or you may order 12 full sets of the oil for a one-time charge of $1200, including shipping. This makes the Bliss oils available at half retail price. This is available only by calling Bobbette at 855-329-2124.



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