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with Ann and Bob Nunley on


                                  HAYHOUSE RADIO 

Ann & Bob Nunley


About ISSSEEM and Holos University 

Date:  Wednesday, February 4th

Time: 12.00 noon CST



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Dr. Shealy, the founding President of Holos University (HU), will have as guests on his show the Co-Founders of HU, Ann and Bob Nunley.  Ann now serves as the Dean of HU and as the CEO of ISSSEEM which is the official Research Division of Holos University. Bob Nunley is currently the Outreach Director of HU.  Norm was a Keynote presenter at the ISSSEEM conference in June of last year where he presented information about his transcutaneous acupuncture approach to healing.


Note from Norm: 

Most of you know that HU was originally created to provide a special place for spiritually oriented individuals to pursue research in the fields of spirituality in health and the broad field of Energy Medicine. From the beginning, my intent was to retire at age 74, which I did. My passion for this field is, of course, just as great as ever. Thus, I look forward to having as guests on my Hay House radio program, the Co-Founders of HU, Ann and Bob Nunley. We will talk about the University and about ISSSEEM and Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine. Join us!!


Subtle Energies Magazine, Winter 2014

There is a beautiful article by Dr. Norm Shealy in this new edition:

Real Research for Real Results




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Dr. Shealy was the founding President of Holos University Graduate Seminary

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ISSSEEM is the Official Research Division of Holos University Graduate Seminary and holds an annual conference every June at Unity Village, MO. For information download the brochure below:

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